Alloc Laminate Flooring

Alloc laminate flooring is among the most common names on the planet of laminate flooring today. The head- workplace and is located in Lyngdal, Norway and factory was established in 1952. Lacquered panels were created here for that shipbuilding industry, underneath the name Fibofabrikken. It remained within the 1960's the production of high-pressure laminate started. Alloc may be the only Norwegian manufacturer of the wear resistant laminate.
Alloc Origins

In 1992, the manufacturing of high pressure laminate having a laminated surface area led to a new look for your laminate flooring industry. As quickly as 1993, Alloc, accomplished the ISO 9001 Certificate, which accredits that their standards are documented by the manufacturer in concerns to quality. This sent out a note this laminate flooring company was major. They continue to strive, each and every day, to keep this high level of quality craftsmanship inside the industry

The Belgian group Beaulieu InternationalGroup, a popular company in the flooring industry owns alloc. Beaulieu is divided into Carpets: Wood, Yarns, and three divisions. Alloc laminate flooring is lucky to be owned by among the most reputable flooring companies on the planet.

Things moved rather rapidly during the 1990's with Alloc. Having a physical locking system that made it possible to set up without glue, the company ended up being the very first laminate flooring manufacturer in 1996. The installation process was much more, smoother, and now quicker consumer-friendly. A brand new solution for that industrial consumer, as well as the residential. Because they continue to create high standards inside the laminate flooring industry alloc remains a laminate flooring leader.
A Quality Company

Alloc laminate flooring remains ingenious with as much as new technology, as well as date design characteristics. A proud accomplishment happened in 2004. It was once the company was accredited ISO 14001, which revealed for the industry that Alloc requires environmental issues major every day.

Alloc is extremely familiar with the effect the production of laminate flooring carries the environment. Not just are products recycled, however Alloc is constantly concentrating on how finest to use raw materials and energy. This assists help in keeping our environment healthy, by keeping emissions in the production of laminate flooring low. Alloc laminate flooring products gotten rid of in the most eco-friendly way possible, used, recycled, and are manufactured.

Alloc provides a variety of collections. With a product for each space in your house, Alloc laminate flooring will offer years of wear. High-Pressure your family years of enjoyment and laminate flooring will provide you. With designs to choose from, colors, and many different textures; the consumer ought to have no issue finding a Alloc laminate flooring pattern to satisfy their requirements.
Concerning America.

Alloc established a workplace situated in Racine, Wisconsin like a completely owned subsidiary of Alloc AS, Norway, in 1997. It remained in 1999 that Alloc Inc. moved into its center in Wisconsin, total with storage facility and office operations. The production procedure for laminate flooring using the mechanical locking systems started in 2001. Alloc products are offered through this nation wide circulation community in The United States, plus it likewise deals with revenue to South America. In Lyngdal, Norway, 80 % of the Alloc flooring made is released. Alloc AS is the only manufacturer of high pressure laminate floor in Norway.

With an ongoing desire to satisfy needs of the consumer today and the ever changing demands, Alloc laminate flooring can be around for several years to come. Today, alloc laminate flooring continues to aim to make a superior quality product that consumers need within the market. With a mechanical locking system that sets it aside from other laminate flooring companies and a history of success, Alloc laminate flooring will be offered to customers for several years to come.

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