Learn About The Types Of Laminate Floor Underlayment

When you are installing a laminate floor, there is a requirement of installing a Laminate Floor Underlayment. This underlayment is used in order to smooth out any minor imperfections that you may have in your existing floor. If these imperfections are not smoothed out, it could very well affect the installation as well as the look of your new floor. This Laminate Floor Underlayment is also used to deaden the noise of walking on the new floor. Laminate flooring is installed on a floating or free-floating basis. This means that it is not attached to the actual existing floor by glue.

If there is not a Laminate Floor Underlayment, there could very well be echos that run through underneath the new floor. The underlayment will prevent this from happening. Consumers need to understand the Laminate Floor Underlayment is not used in the same aspect as underlayment or padding for carpets. Carpet padding is used to make the carpet more comfortable to walk on. The underlayment is only used to make the floor lay well and to stop the sound barrier that these floors can create. You need to do some research in order to decide on what type of underlayment to use.
Laminate Floor Underlayment

The Internet is a great resource in order to take advantage of in order to research the different types of Laminate Floor Underlayment that is available on the market today. The main aspect that you have to go by is the fact that you need to use the underlayment that is recommended by the manufacturer of the laminate floor that you are purchasing. The different types of Laminate Floor Underlayment include standard foam underlayment, combination foam/film underlayment, floor muffler brand underlayment, modified or upgraded underlayment, and solid cork underlayment.

The most common Laminate Floor Underlayment that is used in the installation of laminate flooring is the standard foam underlayment. This product is usually 1/8 inch thick and is installed in rooms where there is no chance of moisture of water affecting the floor. This is because this type of Laminate Floor Underlayment does not have a moisture barrier on it such as combination foam/film underlayment. The combination foam/film type is mostly used in areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom due to all the moisture. Research on the different types of underlayment as well as the recommendations from the manufacturer of your new laminate floor should make it fairly easy for you to choose which type to use.

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